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Rapid realization of continuous delivery: Stand Up Armory Enterprise in 10 Minutes

April 21, 2021

Imagine if you could have the most powerful and scalable continuous delivery platform on the market up and running for your organization 10 minutes from now. Armory has taken all of the DevOps best practices and packed them into an easily consumable user experience in this webinar. We’re going to show you how your organization can easily benefit.

Join us to learn:

- How you can be up and running on Armory in just 10 minutes

- How you can use native Kubernetes tools to configure and operate Armory Enterprise

- How Armory Enterprise delivers an enterprise-grade solution with the power of Spinnaker at its core

- How you can back the entire solution (installation, integrations, and pipelines) with your git repository (source control). And how you can leverage this to rebuild the entire Armory setup in another cluster or region with one click

- All the best practices and lessons learned from running Armory Enterprise in a quick installer

- And how Armory’s pre-populated pipelines mean you don’t have to build one from scratch

About our Speaker: Chad Tripod, Senior Deployment Engineer at Armory, has over 15 years of large-scale application/service delivery experience and has handled production deployment projects with some of the largest cloud properties in the world ensuring that millions of users and devices can connect with their most beloved applications and services.

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