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I have Jenkins, why do I need Spinnaker?

April 3, 2020

Just because you've decided to use Spinnaker for CD doesn't mean you have to throw away all of your existing DevOps tooling built around Jenkins. Spinnaker treats Jenkins as a first class citizen and has native integrations to improve the software delivery process. In this webinar, DevOps guru Chad Tripod reviews how Spinnaker adds automated deployment verification, one-click rollbacks, deployment windows and deployment notifications, all without writing additional code and scripts. Topics covered: - How to assess your CI/CD process - How Spinnaker works with Jenkins - Features of Spinnaker including automated deployment verification and one-click rollbacks - How to get started with your own Spinnaker and Jenkins

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Getting Started with Spinnaker
Getting Started with Spinnaker

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Getting to Know Spinnaker

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