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Getting Started with Spinnaker

March 30, 2022

Want to learn how Spinnaker became the open-source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform of choice?

Listen to our Spinnaker experts in this live intro and demo of Spinnaker, and then learn how to get your own Spinnaker instance up and running in 10 minutes.

Listen to the replay to learn:

  • Why Spinnaker became a leading open-source project
  • How to use Spinnaker to safely accelerate software delivery
  • How Spinnaker pipelines help you deploy easily to Kubernetes and public cloud targets
  • How to get a Spinnaker trial going in 10 minutes
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Integrating Terraform into your Spinnaker Workflow
Integrating Terraform into your Spinnaker Workflow

Learn about how to integrate Terraform into your current Spinnaker workflow.

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Getting to Know Spinnaker
Getting to Know Spinnaker

Learn more about Spinnaker.