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Earnin's Journey to Secured & Continuous Delivery System with AWS and Armory

July 29, 2021

Watch the replay to learn how Earnin, with just a small DevOps team supersized themselves. Using Armory and AWS while supporting an engineering team of over 100, two monolithic applications, 40+ microservices and 80 pipelines, they migrated all of their applications, microservices and pipelines in just three months.

In addition to migration, they made all merges ready for production release and enabled single-click approval—all of which resulted in a 3x reduction in deployment time.

They spoke about the importance of increasing visibility so teams can manage services effectively. How different deployment strategies differ and their relative strengths - from one-click rollbacks to blue/green deployments. 

Learn why being fully modularized with deployment-as-code matters and how to use Helm Charts to support different pipeline use cases.


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