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Deployment Verification with Decision Support

March 31, 2021

Most of our customers come to Armory with the challenge of providing a more consistent release process whether it be deploying over SCP, to a virtual machine, Kubernetes or even serverless. Once they achieve consistency for a single application and all of its components, they often think scaling this process is as simple as copy and paste to other applications. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Today’s applications are made up of many different services with multiple frameworks that need to be deployed across various targets. So how can you achieve scale? In this webinar, we will look at how teams use deployment verification across the release process to provide guard rails to delivering applications to production. We will specifically discuss different application architectures that can take advantage of delivery techniques such as blue/green and canary analysis. We will also demonstrate the differences of traditional testing techniques versus canary analysis through baseline comparisons to provide a data-driven approach to your releases. About our speakers: Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform. Kelsey has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech but most enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software. Kelsey is a strong open source advocate focused on building simple tools that make people smile. When he is not slinging Go code, you can catch him giving technical workshops covering everything from programming and system administration, to his favorite Linux distro of the month. Lee Faus, Field CTO at Armory has over 20 years of IT experience including work at Red Hat, Alfresco, and GitHub while also consulting with Fortune 500 companies on cloud architectures and delivery strategies

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