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From Code to Cloud: Building a Golden Path to Production | 4 Armory: Continuous deployment at enterprise scale Spinnaker, a cloud-native, open source continuous deployment tool, provides: • Cluster management for configuring cloud resources • Deployment management to create and manage templatized software delivery workflows Armory, built on Spinnaker, helps simplify and streamline the software deployment process at enterprise scale. Regardless of whether organizations are using virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes, serverless, or a combination of these, Armory enables organizations to achieve continuous deployment by stripping away the complexities and risks of manually deploying applications to cloud. Spinnaker's native integrations to deployment targets, supported and maintained by the major cloud providers, enable Armory to create "golden paths to production" with scalable, repeatable delivery pipelines that are leveraged across teams and organizations. These templatized deployment paths leverage automation to reduce manual steps, getting software to market faster and with increased safety. "Spinnaker is an enterprise- grade, open source project that is utilized by a number of our customers to improve their developer teams' productivity. We're happy to contribute to this critical OSS project and look forward to continued work together with Armory." – Deepak Singh Vice President of Compute Services Amazon Web Services VPC Instances Availability Zone 1 Instances Availability Zone 3 Instances Availability Zone 2 Workers AWS Cloud mycluster.eks.amazonaws.com Deploy to Amazon EKS Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) " "

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