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From Code to Cloud: Building a Golden Path to Production | 3 " " Why speed and agility are critical to driving competitive advantage In a world of rapidly-changing customer preferences, fierce competition, and ever-shifting global events, the ability to be nimble and pivot quickly has become increasingly critical. Enterprises are investing in digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives to accelerate feature development, recognizing the advantages of public and hybrid cloud strategies. Many organizations are looking to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and deploy their applications in the cloud. However, they are finding that their deployment tooling, often built as an extension of their legacy continuous integration (CI), has become one of the main impediments to adopting cloud services. Custom- scripted production pipelines built with in-house tooling to periodically deploy monoliths to the corporate data center need to be rebuilt from scratch for new deployment targets. Furthermore, at the rate new AWS services are being introduced and released in market, it is not possible to keep custom-scripted tools up-to- date and take advantage of the latest innovations. Legacy CI tools do not just make it difficult to adopt new cloud services. Their heavy reliance on manual scripting, lack of automation, and lack of purpose-built native continuous delivery (CD) features open the door for unnecessary security risks and productivity blockers for DevOps teams. These legacy tools can also fail in scalability, security, and stability--requiring an ever- growing patchwork of plugins--and become a costly maintenance burden. At the same time, they can slow down the deployment process and leave developers in the dark as to the status of their applications or the reason why a release was denied. With the growing need to change and adapt quickly, organizations are abandoning their legacy home- grown software solutions and adopting cloud-native continuous delivery platforms. "After adopting Spinnaker, we saw a substantial increase in the deployment frequency, and support requests reduced to almost zero." – Alex Eftimie Staff DevOps Engineer Developer Enablement at GetYourGuide

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