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ACCELERATING THE SPEED OF SOFTWARE INNOVATION IN MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT • 7 Joel Vasalo, manager of Cloud DevOps at Redbox, said that "from backend to frontend, from source to delivery, there were a lot of things in motion." To master such complex changes and accelerated releases at high volume rates, the team needed immediate access to a practical, efficient, and secure release platform. They chose Spinnaker. Redbox is now clocking 1,000 and more changes per month. Vasalo admitted in a DevOps.com interview that running that fast right out of the gate could be seen by some as a reckless approach. But smaller software changes in rapid-fire releases is a strategy with a strong upside too. "Smaller changes typically result in less down time," he explained. He cited as an example taking one large change consisting of three major components and making it three rapid fire changes instead. Perhaps, he said in the DevOps.com interview, that would entail something like a UI change, a back-end change that's backwards compatible, and an API tier change "to support that change such that everything hooks together." The three separate and smaller pieces could then be rolled out safely, as well as tested and embedded. The plan is working for Redbox, which as a hybrid itself now, clearly sees value in being able to adapt – and to do so at scale. In short, Redbox achieved a rapid digital transformation that "for us was meant three things: we wanted to improve software delivery processes, migrate to cloud native architectures, and modernize our legacy applications," said Vasalo. The team hit their goals and realized additional benefits for the company as well. Armory revs up Spinnaker Developers who use Spinnaker and need to do more -- whether it is to scale up their apps, their teams, or their clusters, to support more use cases, or to improve their DORA metrics, use Armory to deploy their code safely and with resilience, velocity and compliance. While Spinnaker provides a solid and trusted foundation, it has limitations that can be a challenge as you scale. Armory Enterprise extends Spinnaker to help "The best part is that it even extended past that to other parts of the organization like the data teams and even some of our Content Delivery Network (CDN) efforts were done through Spinnaker, which is pretty cool," Vasalo added.

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