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ACCELERATING THE SPEED OF SOFTWARE INNOVATION IN MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT • 2 As if on cue from a script superimposed upon reality, ordinary people are doing extraordinary things that once was the stuff of fiction. Star Trek's communicators are real world mobile phones. Holograms from Star Wars took shape in virtual reality (VR) and assisted reality (AR) today. Blade Runner's digital billboards promote a wide array of products and public announcements in Manhattan and elsewhere. Biometrics from the Minority Report now guard access to data and buildings. Blade Runner's AI powers robotics and almost all software on the planet today. Under the glitz of these golden manifestations of wild imagination lies the art and science of software development. The ingenuity and creativity of software developers bring ideas from and to the media and entertainment industry. Their creations unfailingly inspire and transform other industries soon thereafter. For software to have such effect it must be created and released in a timely manner. Afterwards, incremental changes and updates must flow steadily over time to keep such creations fresh and responsive to market demands and challenges. Enter Spinnaker, the open source and cloud native continuous delivery platform used for high-velocity releases of software changes. Spinnaker is an application delivery pipeline management system that is integrated with multiple, major cloud providers. It was created by streaming entertainment giant Netflix for AWS, then extended by Google for GCP and Kubernetes and enhanced by Armory, an enterprise scale software delivery platform with Spinnaker at its core. Armory is also home to several core contributors to the Spinnaker open source project. This whitepaper explores some of the profound digital transformations Spinnaker and Armory are driving in the media and entertainment industry and the implications those hold for this and other industries.

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