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Website: armory.io | Slack: join.spinnaker.io | Blog: armory.io/blog How we got here Much of the problem started when companies tried to extend Continuous Integration ("CI") tools and processes into CD. CI is a well-understood, well-instrumented process in most organizations. Developers know how to compile and build artifacts, whether they be VMs, containers, images, RPMs, JARs, etc., and how to make sure their code integrates with the master branch. They have made the integration of code changes consistent, repeatable, and automated, and largely eliminated human error from the process. Introduction When we talk to our customers, we see a constant struggle between velocity and governance in terms of software delivery. They know they need to deploy new features faster, to accelerate innovation and stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, consistency and safety are paramount - they don't want to break customer trust with frequent outages, or worse, security breaches. These dueling priorities inevitably create an unhappy status quo, where app dev teams feel blocked, while Ops and Security don't have the ability to effectively, proactively, monitor and remediate issues. True Continuous Delivery ("CD") remains a frustratingly out-of-reach aspiration. To solve this problem, Armory has reimagined the software delivery process from the ground up, empowering our customers with Policy-Driven Deployments. Policy-Driven Deployments WHITE PAPER With Armory and Spinnaker Velocity Govenance The tug-of-war between velocity and governance results in much work but little progress.

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