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MakerBot's Homegrown Ruby Deployment Scripts Before integrating Armory Spinnaker, all of Makerbot's infrastructure was running on Amazon ECS. Deployments happened via a set of Ruby and Chef scripts from a Jenkins CI server. Deployments were performed only by the DevOps team (i.e., Richard), preventing developers from deploying on-demand. In this environment: • Deployments were happening just once or twice a week • The DevOps team of one was a single point of failure for all deployments. The second point was particularly troublesome - if Richard were sick or went on vacation, deployments would inevitably stop during his period of absence. It was clear that self-service, continuous deployment practices would greatly benefit MakerBot. Richard had heard about the Spinnaker OSS version from a friend at Netflix and decided to leverage Armory in order to run all MakerBot deployments in a self-service manner. During a needs analysis, MakerBot also revealed that it had decided to transition from Amazon ECS to Kubernetes on the Google cloud. While this may be a problem for a closed source system, Spinnaker's open source, multicloud approach allows it to natively support both ECS and Kubernetes. MakerBot is an American company specializing in 3D printing technology. Its range of products covers not only the professional industry, but also education programs for universities and schools. CASE STUDY MAKERBOT CUTS BILLS BY 50% AFTER MOVING TO KUBERNETES ON GOOGLE CLOUD USING ARMORY We talked with Richard Genthner, the Lead DevOps Engineer at MakerBot, who led the integration of Armory's platform, powered by Spinnaker. He was also instrumental in the transition from Amazon's ECS to Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform. ARMORY SPINNAKER AT MAKERBOT First service migration time to Armory Spinnaker: 1 WEEK Transistion to Kubernetes from Amazon ECS: 2.5 MONTHS (vs. plan of 9 months) Applications deployed with Armory Spinnaker: 60+ Number of deployment pipelines: 130+ Savings from the switch to GCP/K8s: 50% Deployment frequency: 10-12 deployments per day (~70x improvement)

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