Measuring Devops Success Metrics: Pipeline Analytics, DORA & Spinnaker

December 17, 2020

The software delivery chain is the app of apps. If your delivery chain is not up, running and performant, nothing gets deployed. But how do you measure success? Do you actually know how well your DevOps automation is contributing to your company's bottom line?

Join us on December 17th for a webinar featuring Chris Riley, DevOps Advocate from Splunk and Chad Tripod, Senior Development Engineer from Armory as they explore the practice of pipeline analytics and demonstrate how Spinnaker is a tool for measuring the performance of your SDLC and the impact of DevOps on your business success.

Join to learn:  
· How pipeline analytics are a necessary practice in all high-performing DevOps environments
· How DORA metrics are an outcome of successful pipeline analytics
· And how to implement DORA with Spinnaker and Splunk

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