DORA Report: State of DevOps

February 3, 2020

Read the most recent Accelerate State of DevOps Report from DORA, which represents six years of research and data from over 31,000 professionals worldwide. It is the largest running research of its kind, providing an independent view into the practices and capabilities that drive high performance. The results let us understand the practices that lead to excellence in technology delivery and powerful business outcomes.

Learn about the Four Key Metrics, including technical practices, cloud adoption, organizational practices, and culture, as well as these key findings from the research:

  • Delivering software quickly, reliably, and safely is at the heart of technology transformation and organizational performance
  • The best strategies for scaling DevOps in organizations focus on structural solutions that build community
  • Cloud continues to be a differentiator for elite performers and drives high performance
  • Productivity can drive improvements in work/life balance and reductions in burnout, and organizations can make smart investments to support it
  • There’s a right way to handle the change approval process, and it leads to improvements in speed and stability and reductions in burnout
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